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Feasibility Study

Is your company a good candidate for an ESOP? BCSI prepares a study to determine if your company has the financial characteristics and other factors which determine the viability of an ESOP.


Guidance on the Appraisal Process

When BCSI is guiding the process, we provide the range of value an ESOP can pay for the business. BCSI works with qualified independent appraisers who meet the requirements of the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for ESOP appraisals.


ESOP Financing

BCSI works with you to produce pro-forma financials, a business plan and related materials for potential lenders. BCSI pursues lenders that can provide you the lowest rate and the most favorable terms. In addition, we work with your attorney and independent appraiser to structure the ESOP debt as well as the equity securities to be purchased by the ESOP.

"BCSI took the time to build a relationship with us so they could help us explore all our options."
Mendon Leasing Corporation