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Ongoing Communication

Effective ESOP communication gets all the "oars" pulling in the same direction and enables you to tap into the motivational impact of shared ownership. Unfortunately, tackling the challenges of your business does not leave much time to plan and implement ongoing communication about your ESOP. For this reason, BSCI has partnered with nationally recognized Workplace Development, Inc. to bring our clients a range of ongoing ESOP communication and development services. For the same investment as sending two or three people to a national ESOP conference, in cooperation with Workplace Development, BCSI can bring you professional, engaging communication tools that are customized to your company. Below is a sampling of the services we can make available to you through this joint effort:

- Annual Statement Presentation
Bring a vibrant message about how employees in your company can impact stock value in a customized presentation that explains stock value and your annual participant statements.

- Attractive Customized Communication Tools
Your initial meeting and materials can only go so far in communicating the ongoing benefits of your ESOP. We offer packages of easy to understand custom communications pieces you can post on your company's intranet, use in emails, give to managers or send out as payroll stuffers.

- Develop Or Rejuvenate An ESOP Communication Committee
It is not just the message but the messenger that matters in ongoing communication. Many ESOP companies want to build in-house capability through an internal committee that is focused on communication and education about the ESOP. Using field-tested approaches, you can focus the actions and accelerate the impact of your committees with an ESOP Committee Development series.