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Professional Administration of the ESOP

Annual plan administration services include the annual allocation, preparation of an Annual Management Report, required government filing and preparation of employee benefit statements. Click here for more details on our annual administration services.


Annual Employee Benefit Statements

At least once a year participants in your ESOP receive statements as part of our administrative services. Choose from one of BCSI's sample designs, add your logo to a design or build a custom participant statement design. Click here to see our samples or to format your own benefit statement.


Ongoing Employee Communications

BCSI has partnered with nationally recognized ESOP communications specialists at Workplace Development, Inc. (WDI) to bring you ongoing communication services that help you get the most from your ESOP. Click here for examples of the ongoing communication services available.


Individual Benefit Calculations

When a participant retires or is terminated with vested benefits, BCSI determines the benefits and prepares the participant's benefit election package with all appropriate forms (including benefit options, election forms joint and survivor paperwork and withholding forms).


Liquidity Analysis

The better an ESOP company performs, the more it increases in value. This "good news" also raises the important questions of how much it will cost the company to repurchase its stock when it is distributed. BCSI does a repurchase liability analysis for you. The study gives you the information you need to determine the amount of cash needed under alternative scenarios. It also gives you the information you need to examine alternative methods to fund the liability. Many lending institutions and appraisers now require that this study be performed along with the installation of the ESOP.


Special Projects And General Inquiries

Our more than 25 years of experience tells us that companies will want to explore issues with us as their business grows and changes. As a full service ESOP benefit firm, we routinely provide consulting for special projects beyond the normal administration services.

"BCSI keeps us updated on tax law changes affecting our ESOP and provides timely responses to all of our questions"
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